"I feel as though a huge burden has been lifted and I am feeling inner peace."

"Kathleen has given me tremendous insight in helping me become a better mother and role model for my son's mental, emotional and spiritual development.  She is able to interpret messages from spiritual guidance so that I am able to clearly understand them and put them into action."

"As a proud new father, I took my son to Kathleen when he was 8 months old;  she read his Energy.  Now over 14 years later, her observations made about him have turned out to be unnervingly correct."

"Kathleen is the "go to" person that people seek out when making important personal or business decisons."

"Kathleen has a heavenly bestowed gift to bring out the best in each person she meets."

"In my first session, I was terrified of what she might tell me, or worse find out about me.  Within "one minute" of being with Kathleen, I felt totally relaxed and safe.  I now come away from each Intuitive Energy Reading always feeling more optimistic, hopeful and healed.  My heart has been opened."

"Has eased the anguish of the living by helping them connect with departed loved ones."

"I'm glad God gave You this gift.  I wouldn't know what to do with it."

"With your support and guidance, you've been an inspiration to me."

"Kathleen just always makes me feel good."

"Everybody I have recommended, including myself, have been "Tickled Pink" and "Over the Moon" with our readings from Kathleen."

"A grieving friend recently asked me, "How do you get through the death of a loved one?"  "I said that's easy, call Kathleen Marie." 

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