Professional Energy Reading

Working with people on their issues related to their jobs, careers, occupations, vocations is one of my most fascinating areas on which to focus.  I work with people from all walks of life and all areas of employment.  I connect directly with Your Spirit and reveal back to you ideas and insights that resonate with who You are, that make sense to You, that will be most comfortable for You to pursue, create, change, etc. 


Manager in a Fortune 500 Company quotes: 

"Corporations like to manage your career.  They think they have the power to manage your career.  In reality, you as the individual have the control over your career, in alignment with your destiny.  Kathleen  helped me to bring this into my consciousness.  Now that I have this "knowing", it's exciting to watch my career and my destiny unfold."

 A Professional Welder and Voiceover Actor:

"She is a one person "think tank".  Literally a tank, filled with ideas and insights, spewing out of the turrets like bullets - always hitting their targets."

A Retired Corporate Analyst:

"Kathleen is the "go to" person that people seek out when making important personal or business decisons."

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